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Beatrix Nagy

Reconnective Healing and Reconnection Certified Practitioner


Along all my life, I have felt that my hands were a source of energy, and I have desired to help people to get healthy and happy.  One day I discovered in the office of a medicine Doktor the Certificate of the Reconnective Healing. I became curious about it and I bought very soon the book of Dr. Eric Pearl: The Reconnection, Heal others, Heal yourself, and also the video recordings « The Portal online Level 1 Course ».

My activities include providing in person and distant sessions of the Reconnective Healing, facilitating the Personal Reconnection. I can also give mentoring support to fundational practitioners of the Reconnective Healing. I am member of the G.A.A (Global Advisory Alliance).
Thank the Reconnective Healing Frequencies I have gained more self-confidence, harmony, inner peace, feeling of security and balance. My life progresses have accelareted and I feel that finally I have arrived home.

I would like to pass on this great gift to all who would like to experience it.